Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The official launch of Cayman Heat was a soirée to remember

View from the Garden

Held at the gracious estate of Susan Kohn and Patrick Gehm, the event was picture perfect. (Not my pictures, unfortunately. I was stuck with only my rather faulty cell.) Happily, a professional photog was there to preserve the evening in crystal clear HD. Wish I had them for you!
A glimpse of Susan Krohn (foreground)
Milling about the spacious halls and anterooms was a veritable who’s who in Houston. Author Connie Reeves Cooke, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, is a former magazine and television society columnist and is still active in Houston’s social and charitable fundraising scene. This not only gives her an impressive list of Facebook friends, but provides considerable scope for her thrilling mysteries. She really knows this world of movers and shakers!
Perfect example of tropical chic

Even at a hundred strong (at least!) it was a warm and friendly bunch. The convivial atmosphere was enhanced by “Tantalizing Tropical Attire” as specified on the invitations.  Colorful, casual and comfortable. Brilliant move on the part of the planners!

Yes, I know I should be dropping names right and left. Of course I recognized some media celebs, and certainly the famous hostess of Charlie Wilson’s War, but undoubtedly there were too many other vital bold print folks I wouldn’t recognize. So…let’s leave it at that.
Husband Clayton
and BFF Margaret
I did have a chance to chat with Clayton, Connie’s husband – a steady and thoughtful sort. Next I met a wonderful character named Margaret who, it turns out, is Connie’s BFF and tennis buddy. We had a great visit - while checking the circulating trays of hors d’oeuvres for delectable tidbits we’d yet to try. There were cocktails, too. Some looked quite frothy and delicious, but I abstained. One does not negotiate the mind-boggling interchanges of the River Oaks area if one is the least bit impaired.
Connie, looking lovely but somewhat tired after a recent heart attack, was constantly surrounded and wearing her little fingers to the bone signing copies of Cayman Heat. I understand there were a hundred sold, some of the proceeds going to The Knowledge Arts Foundation, a project that helps children succeed in school. 
Connie Reeves Cooke (center)
 signing her books

Sometime, someplace, I fervently hope I have the opportunity to get acquainted with this fascinating fellow author.
But for now, I wish her a long, recuperative rest at their lake house...and productive sessions working on Cayman Wind! (Should never have closed Heat with a cliff-hanger, dear!)

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