Saturday, September 29, 2012

A quick stop at Sycamore Grounds…

Benjamin mixes my latte
…and back in time for kick-off!

As usual, well worth the trip. But today, National Coffee Day, it’s especially worth it because with a bag of primo beans you get a FREE latte! For me that’s one heck of a deal. I picked up a bag of Amaya Finca Culpan, which barista Benjamin kindly ground for me (Husband can’t abide the noise of the coffee grinder) after which I indulged in a masterfully made caramel cappuccino.

Oh – and something new this time: to-go entrees in a refrigerator case. I was delighted to see shepherd’s pie among them. I have a cousin back in Indiana who’s famous for it, but she never brought it family reunions. Now at last I get to try it!
Back home, with University of Houston Cougars playing neighboring Rice U Owls in the annual Bayou Bucket game, I now know what shepherd pie tastes like. And I LOVE it!

So again, Happy National Coffee Day…and GO COOGS!

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