Friday, September 14, 2012

Divine Love

Jahnavi Foster shares a fascinating depth of insight through a unique format

The full title is Divine Love – an interview with God…the source of attraction. In Q&A form, she raises the timeless questions we mortals always raise - along with God’s responses, gleaned from years of study and meditation.
The premise she seeks to impart is simple and painfully obvious: In this material existence we have become alienated from our true selves.  All of us possess an intrinsic divine loving nature. It is following the whims of our mortal lives that lead to the more familiar self-serving and brutish behaviors.
In her introduction, Foster points to a time of transformation; a time for humanity to reawaken to their true nature.  “Great spiritual teachers are acknowledging the shifts that are taking place place…” and, thanks to the impending expiration of the ancient Mayan calendar, much of the rank and file is tuning into it, too.

Divine Love is an easy read. No clichés, no popular religious buzz words. In fact, as the narrative cuts through the dogmas of disparate religions to reveal bare-bones Truth, it’s actually a relief to read. “During this pivotal moment as humanity is reawakening, we are remembering the essence of who we truly are…to recognize our Oneness, the connection we have to one another.” Isn’t that refreshing and hopeful?
And this from Part III, in a discussion of the letter vs. the spirit of religious law:  “If the letter of the law fails to align you with your natural loving qualities, then such a law is futile.”

Here’s a gem from Part V: “If people value temporary enjoyment more than their true well-being, then there will be a problem.” Especially relevant in our pleasure-seeking culture, this addresses everything from sex to overeating!
I found perhaps the most powerful passage in Part VI, “Letting Go of Fear,” in which God responds: “I am within every living being, allowing (you) to reconnect with the Divine at any moment.”
Jahnavi Foster

For much of her high school and college years, Jahnavi Foster was a serious student of the world’s religions. This journey taught her that wisdom, compassion, love, morality, and true ethics define an authentic spiritual path, and are not the properties of any one particular religion.

She went on to spend twelve years in ashrams in Spain and North Carolina. She is now a practitioner of Eastern Vedic philosophy, and is certified in bhakti, jnana, and hatha yoga. Wait – there’s more! She’s also a licensed massage therapist and empowerment coach – educated in alternative medicine and integrative wellness.
Jahnavi puts these skills to good use at her B&B, Quiet Mountain Sanctuary, a private retreat in the Catskill Mountains where guests are inspired to live more balanced and meaningful lives.

So is this lady some mystic floating above us in the spiritual/intellectual stratosphere?  She could be, but she’s not. When I met her back in 2011 at Book Expo America in New York City, I found her not only well grounded, but beautiful, vibrant, and a whole lot of fun. In fact, I could show you photos of her singing on Times Square with another author at the 2012 BEA. Oh, yes. She’s real.
I’ve been feeding on her wisdom ever since via her radio show Living Well with Jahnavi, her blog, Facebook and emails. Fans can also look forward to the nationally televised debut of Living Well on the Learn It Live network (

No less than two luminaries wrote forwards to Divine Love, and the book jacket is covered with comments by various authorities and reviewers.  My favorite summation comes from the Los Angeles Times: “Jahnavi’s candid approach on this topic is like a loving embrace.” Amen.
A view from Quiet Mountain Sanctuary in the Catskills

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