Monday, August 20, 2012

EggArt by GlenGary

The exquisite and unique egg art of Glenis Thomas is the toast of Wellington…

…which came as a bit of a surprise since I knew her only as the author of the definitive blueberry cookbook.  I’ve raved about her blueberry recipes several times in this blog. Finally, as in the case of the “dough ditties” art of my editor, I looked a little deeper. And a whole new world of wonder opened up. Let’s go to scenic New Zealand and start from the beginning.
Paremata and the Pauatahanui Inlet.

GlenGary Cottage & Gardens
The first thing you notice at GlenGary Cottage is the amazing view. The building was craned into place beside the Thomas home in 2001 to accommodate the growing business. Tucked around the cottage are several delightful, color-themed gardens for which Glenis has won a community award.

EggArt by GlenGary began in 1999 as a mail order egg art and craft supplies by Glenis and Gary Thomas – hence the name. Though this branch of the enterprise closed in 2008, Glenis continues to teach and promote eggshell artistry. The Wellington Eggcrafters Club,  workshops, craft shows, and exhibitions are the direct result.  Glenis was the national president of the Egg Artistry Club of New Zealand for 5 years. Her Imperial Red Egg made it into the finals of the Forbes Faberge Style Egg competition.
The Imperial Red
And the credits keep piling up: “I have been on TV 4 times, twice featured as an egg artist on the Good Morning Show when I was making them for my fabric biz Heart Stuff in the 80's- 90s, and once when there was a huge fire on the hills opposite my home and we were evacuated. I have also been interviewed on New Zealand’s National Radio about my egg art and recipe book.  Local and national  newspapers have had several articles over the years about my creative adventures.

 “I have until November to get a new egg art design done and a tutorial written up plus my bio (5 pages) - as I am the featured artist for the January International Egg Art Guild quarterly magazine. Quite an honour to be asked.”

The White Rose designed for Yulia
 But what really blew me away was the TV interview from which I learned Glenis had created an heirloom egg to hold the ring for the 2008 wedding of Russian-born singer Yulia and Glyn McLean, a gift that led to several commissions. Glenis and I have been emailing for years, but this was my first opportunity to hear her voice and see her in action.

Glenis Thomas
AND…this celebrity and master of such a stunningly meticulous craft friended me on Facebook!  Her page is a feast for the eyes and every other way, because she also posts her culinary inventions. In fact, if you were to go there right now you’d see the most spectacular display of cakes imaginable. Glenis hastened to admit, however, that these creations actually belonged to Rhonda’s Rose Cottage Designs, which she linked on her site. Whew! I’m actually relieved. But I can certainly see kindred spirits there…
Left: eggs with matching gift boxes. Center: Emerald Surprise. Doors
on all sides open to reveal pictures. Right: classic picture egg.


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