Friday, August 24, 2012

Connie Reeves Cooke turns it up in Cayman Heat

A new series introducing private investigator Koral Sanders

 A multi-millionaire Houston attorney disappears on a dive along Grand Cayman’s treacherous North Wall. Two years later his skeletal remains are found tied to the coral in a deep underwater cave. So obviously this was no accident.  
The Cayman police chief, Aron Ebanks, reopens the case as a murder and calls on the investigative skills of ex-Houstonian Koral Sanders. Word reaches the lofty offices and River Oaks mansions of Houston’s elite. Almost immediately a strange assortment of millionaires and misfits descend on Grand Cayman and stuff starts happening right and left. The mystery twists and turns until it’s impossible to tell the guilty from the innocent.

 The characters of this searing whodunit are totally involving. I wasn’t even halfway through when it hit me what a terrific weekly TV drama this would be. First you have endless possibilities in the Caymans: the cruise ships, the famously secretive international banks, the über wealthy, the tourist attractions - as well as the seedy, chicken-infested hangouts of the lesser privileged. 
Connie Reeves Cooke
Next you have the appeal of the characters. There’s Koral Sanders, the somewhat jaded Texan who’s opted for the enchantment of the Caymans. Capable, coolly logical, tough-talking, unimpressed by high society, she’s perfect for the job. Aron Ebanks, the Caymanian police chief, is fatherly but thoroughly professional. Koral’s assistant, Sam Roberts, makes a brief appearance at the beginning, then goes off on vacation. Perhaps we’ll see more of him in Cayman Wind. The cast is further enhanced when Koral takes in a chihuahua named Cheetah and a salty parrot called Buzzard, both of whom have crime-fighting potential.

Cayman Heat is a well-woven, fast-paced mystery and the action gets pretty intense. Cooke has definitely done it again. And I wanna see Cayman Wind NOW.

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