Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thor Strikes a Blow for Marvel

Back in my day (uh-oh. Here it comes...) comics were something you outgrew by the time you got into serious literature like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Treasure Island. Like, maybe 4th grade. So I just have to ask…what does this mass appeal of comic books say about our culture? Tsk, tsk. Are we so bent out of shape over current conditions that we crave empowerment? Are we so dissatisfied with ourselves that we dream of being faster than a speeding bullet or chucking lightning bolts at our foes?

Who cares? This is glorious, heart-racing, FX, CGI, 3D, mind-blowing FUN!

And anyway, who am I to talk? Ammanon is a muscle-bound saga of sword-swinging, spear-throwing warriors, too. Obviously we all like this stuff whether via books, Hollywood, the WWF, or Marvel. What’s wrong with strong? And who doesn’t love soaring away from the surly bonds of reality? Bring it on, I say!

I caught most of Chris Hemsworth’s interview on Regis and Kelly. He’s a likable sort, and certainly built for the part. Brilliant bit of casting. But more interesting to me was Kenneth Branagh’s involvement. Now there’s a comic-loving intellectual for you: a distinguished Shakespearian actor directing a Marvel epic. It’s a pity the kids only know Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The man’s a classic.

Oh, and BTW, in case you think I’m totally out of touch with the Comic Con scene, here’s the grandkids at their parents’ favorite hangout.


Lara T. said...

Hey Mary! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) All the organizers in the world have only helped me keep track of my ideas lately---not gotten my butt in gear to actually keep up with the writing! lol I also went to FCBD at my local comic book store. Love it! :) I like your blog too, I'll be adding a link to tea & ink. And I also knew who Branagh was before Harry Potter! haha :)

Mary Fagan said...

Fantastic, Lara! Thanks!
I've gotten my spreadsheet started - not for this blog, unfortunately, but for a grammar advice column I do for my publisher, VerveStar. It's just getting started, so nip the chaos in the bud, I say!
Delighted to hear you're familiar with Branagh - and you look so young! How old is the cutie sharing your profile pic?

Lara T. said...

Mary, I am 34 and my daughter was about 12 months when I took that pic! She is now 17 months. I am a bit of a movie buff, so I often know who's played in what...usually movies that have been made since I've been more, but sometimes I surprise even myself! haha I pick up trivia everywhere! ;)

Mary Fagan said...

I'm impressed! Trivia can be extremely useful.