Saturday, August 31, 2013

College Football 2013 is Underway!

And once again we’re breaking in a new, reorganized conference

It’s called the American Athletic Conference (a spin-off or something of the Big East) and last night my husband’s alma mater U of H squared off against a school we’d never heard of: Southern U.
And because the University of Houston is in the throes of building a new stadium, the Cougars have done some hectic horse-trading for places to play. Last night it was huge and intimidating Reliant Stadium, home of the Houston Texans.

SU, arriving from Baton Rouge en force, proved to have a few slick plays – enough to post 13 points on the board. But they lacked the athleticism and physicality to beat the band. Yes, the band. SU won half time hands down. How such a huge group of students carrying unwieldy instruments could dip, swerve, and high-step in perfect unison without missing a note is utterly beyond me. Their performance brought down the house. One of their in-the-stands numbers made YouTube. Surely their field action will be there soon.

And the dancers! The fact that they way out-twerked Miley Cyrus was out-weighed by the precision choreography with which they did it.

Wait – I’m not knocking the U of H band. Let’s just say it’s like comparing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Glee. Class vs. Crazy.

As for the game, Houston gave two QBs equal time – Piland the first half, O’Korn the second. Neither has the long bomb in their arsenal but obviously both are effective. The Coogs won the night most convincingly: 62-13. I did my part by jumping up and down and screaming.

It was midnight by the time we got home – quite an experience for a couple of homebodies who never venture out after dark. But this year, Husband got season tickets – something we haven’t done since the kids were born. Yep, Grampa and Grandma gonna shake things up…

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