Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cargo Pants vs. Purse

For one thing, it saves time at a security gate
My cargoes at Disney

Thanks to Husband’s preliminary research, we knew that getting through the mobs at Universal Studios and Disney World gates would be expedited by NOT bringing along packs or purses. Nevertheless, I did make that mistake at EPCOT and found myself in one of the separate lines where such baggage is inspected. Which eats up even more time. From then on I resorted to the one pair of cargo pants I’d found and purchased for the trip.

Lesson learned, I again employed the cargoes to take my grandsons to Moody Gardens in Galveston last Saturday. It’s cooler, lighter, and less tiring not to have that stupid purse weighing on my shoulder. Also nice to have both hands free.
But here are the problems:
1.      With all 6 pockets loaded, one must keep hitching up one’s pants.

2.      Even with the best organization, it’s difficult under duress to remember which pocket contains what, thereby prompting the unbuttoning and searching of each.
3.      There is no provision for such niceties as Kleenex, Chapstick, etc., and nothing to hold sunglasses upon entering darkened aquariums, restaurants, and the like.

So. Nice, but not foolproof.
I suppose I could learn from repeated uses where driver’s license and credit cards always go. Which button-down contains keys, which one the cash, and where the cell phone and event tickets go. But that assumes always needing the same things for each outing.
Still, cargo pants are a mighty attractive option to the purse. Well, maybe not fashion-wise, but the truth is I’ve always resented being saddled with that ubiquitous female encumbrance.  And anyway, aren’t we being warned about those things on the news?

Yep. Gotta find me some more of them cargoes!


David Hart said...

This vest is supposed to hold everything:

Mary Fagan said...

Wow! For $125 it better! Looks like a well-conceived garment, though, so I'm saving the link. I can think of a few situations where it might be worth the investment. Er...pun accidental.