Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am so NOT into dystopia

Scene from "Falling Skies"
Which isn’t to say Hunger Games wasn’t well done

When it comes to zombie attacks, aftermaths of alien invasions, and post-apocalyptic militia cultures, count me out. Husband tunes in, I go upstairs to work on blogs.

I suppose all these dreary and danger-fraught survival tales stem from the times. What we’re experiencing now is a far cry from the prosperity and optimism that fostered the likes of Star Trek, Brady Bunch, Charlie’s Angels, or Friends. But even as a struggling, slum-dwelling continuity writer, I never sought gore, dirt, and desperation as my escape. C’mon, People! Where’s the comfort in that?
Nevertheless, I watched Hunger Games with Husband last night. Five minutes past the credits I wished I’d read the book(s) first. Author Suzanne Collins surely gave a better explanation for the oppressive situation in the Districts than Hollywood, which held about as much water as a spaghetti strainer. Near as I could figure, their poverty was punishment for attempting to secede from the union. Uh…okay.

The lust for murderous games, on the other hand, is quite plausible. At least it has precedence. Think ancient Rome and Nazi Germany. And probably Survivor, the Next Generation.
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
That said, I found both the acting and action done to perfection.  It definitely held my interest despite one or two groans and eye-rolling. The kids in the cast, headed by Jennifer Lawrence, were immediately engaging. The adults less so, though the stylized hair, make-up and costumes were no more over-the-top than the 1970s. Or KISS.

So, yes, I’ll admit it was worth a look. But when I need to be transported away from grim reality, I’ll take a Disney fantasy or The Hobbit, thank you.

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