Friday, March 2, 2012

Following THE HOBBIT?

Have I got the links for you!
What could be better than having a friend in Wellington, New Zealand at a time like this? In my case it’s Glenis Thomas, author of the definitive and colorful Blueberry Recipes. Not only were many of her friends and relatives extras in the LOTR trilogy, Sir Peter Jackson has his own studio there.
I can always count on Glenis to keep me updated on events down under, and goodness knows there are plenty! Earthquakes, stranded penguins, earthquakes, World Cup events, earthquakes, and now “The Hobbit.”

The local news media, TVNZ, is right there, of course, witnessing the action and interviewing stars and staff. There’s such a wealth of material for Tolkien fanatics like me to devour. The following links cover movie trailers, in-depth video blogs, and nightly news reports. Great stuff!

Okay, that will keep you busy for a while! Can’t believe the release date is all the way into 2013! Thanks, Glenis – and keep ‘em coming!

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