Thursday, August 25, 2011

Travel Diary – Day Two

Aug. 24, 10:10 AM Seattle, 8:10 AM Houston. Seriously jet-lagged. We’d chosen La Quinta for their fabulous complimentary breakfasts. This one, unfortunately, had only muffins and juice. Not to worry. Denny’s is just across the parking lot. Oh, the crisp, pine-scented air of Seattle! After we ate, I enjoyed a brisk walk around the grounds – something that would kill me back in the Texas heat…

Aug. 24, 1:00 PM. Staring up at the Space Needle in awe and a modicum of terror. An outside glass elevator? You gotta be kidding! But the queasiness from the ride up dissipated with the thrilling view. So much to see! Lots of water, to begin with: Puget Sound, Lake Washington, Lake Union, Green Lake – all bustling with sail boats, ferry boats, parasails, float planes, and way more. Great, snow-capped mountains all around.

Despite the touristy attire of the diners, this is unmistakably fine dining. The wait staff, personable and world class professional, wore suits and ties. I had the salmon (seemed apropos) served with wilted pea vines and blueberry chutney. Weird but excellent.

Aug. 24, 7:00 PM. The jet-lag and wine at high altitude (had a choice cabernet sauvignon with the meal) has really flattened me. After inching our way north from Seattle in very Houston-like traffic, we’re holed up in Everett, which will be our base for the rest of our vacation. There’s gobs of great stuff to report, but all I want to do now is post my blog and die. Unfortunately, the Best Western Cascadia has Comcast just like we do back home. And, yes, it’s down. The front desk will call if the reboot is successful…

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