Friday, August 26, 2011

Travel Diary – Day Three

Aug. 25, 8:35 AM – Not good: You know how I’ve been whining about jet lag. Well, Husband and I fell into bed 8:30-9:00 PM last night. And our room in Everett overlooked the pool. And people tend to shriek and holler when they’re having a good time in the water. Plus the AC would explode to life about every 10 minutes, and then quit seconds later. Not that we needed cooling. We needed masking noise for the pool party and a city that makes more noise than SeaTac Airport on a Friday afternoon. We ended up changing rooms first thing this morning.

Good: Breakfast. No need to hike to Denny’s this time. The Best Western Cascadia lays out a serious feast.

Aug. 25, 2:20 PM – Finally recovered from jet lag, moving to another room, and too much breakfast. We’re heading for attractions at points north. Husband spotted a lavish casino on the Tulalip reservation which offered a great photo op.

From there we turned off I-5 to trek east into the Cascade Mountains. Breathtaking!
Breakfast finally wore off by the time we reached the tiny town of Darrington. We were a bit wary of the only eatery for miles around - this rustic, 3-table Burger Barn. But let me tell you, friends, this place is a real find. We started with a basket of homey-tasting fries. Husband reported his “Famous Burger” was terrific even though served with tarter sauce. My salmon burger came with jalapeňos – an unexpected taste treat.

Aug. 25, 6:35 PM – Watching Hurricane Irene in disbelief. New York City? You gotta be kidding! Also – Comcast has collapsed again. Not much disbelief there…

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