Sunday, February 6, 2011

Look at my new commercial!

It’s out there on YouTube: Ammanon Trailer
Last year, when my publicist recommended I make an EPK (electronic press kit) for the Ammanon series, I contacted Darkblade Media Productions because they had such a cool, animated logo. (Logo 2 ) When they responded, I discovered the company was run by the same man who posts those clever and insightful movie reviews on the Gather site. I was delighted.

Anyway, he agreed to try the EPK, so I wrote a script, collected pics, recorded some sound, and sent it in. Now, anyone who's worked with me back in my TV days can tell you I can get way too complicated. "A production nightmare!" a director screamed once.

So when I didn't hear from him after a while I wasn't too surprised. And since I'd never really seen the point of the project anyway, I didn't push. I just continued following his movie write-ups and admiring his turn of phrase. Once in a while we’d exchange another flurry of emails, tossing around ideas to make the video halfway do-able. Did I ever suspect that Darkblade Media was a 13-year-old kid? Not a clue.

Anyway, last week he popped up again with a new idea, this shorter but very professional "commercial" that he'd just put together. I loved it! Hope you do, too. Oh, by the way, he's 14 now...

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Kelly said...

He did a great job!