Friday, January 21, 2011

Special note to my readers:

The Ammanon series has recently been acquired by VerveStar, LLC, terminating my association with my previous publisher. As a result, the first 3 books already in print may no longer be available until they are issued under the new imprint. I see that Amazon is already treating Book One, The Prophecy as a collector’s item! At this writing, the other two are still available from independent Amazon venders.

In approximately one year, re-edited and redesigned versions in hardcover and dust jacket will be released, and the series will continue. I assure you it will be an improvement worth the wait!

About my other projects: the non-fiction Confessions of a Clueless Caregiver, originally the first choice of VerveStar, is on hold for now. It is the true, bittersweet, often hilarious tale of the way I breezed back after years and miles away in order to "keep their lives normal." Right. But this is good, I think. The Ammanon series is already three books in, and should be continued in a timely manner.

The Hundredth Spring is my first, and avowed last, sci-fi novel. It's the story of a housewife from the 1940's misplaced among warring alien races. It's been a fun trip; combining a favorite fantasy with memories of Medaryville, Indiana, during the war years. It’s homespun wisdom and lots of Hoosier colloquialisms interspersed with tech talk and wildly different cultural norms. The first chapter has already been published online: Read it here!

My editor for this manuscript happened to know a sci-fi type artist (see my article “Look What I Found Without Looking”, September 12, 2010). He is now doing some original art for the cover. When it’s finished, I will start shopping the book again. There was little interest when I was submitting Spring awhile back, but I got so involved with my motley assortment of characters that I just may publish it independently. For one thing, the people of Medaryville who were so helpful during my research should see a copy before they die. Two dear ladies actually lived during the era described and are now quite elderly.

Well, that catches us up for now. Have a great weekend!

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