Thursday, July 18, 2013

Courtesy of a king: a STAR TREK theme park coming in 2014

The location, however, poses a bit of a problem

When King Abdullah II of Jordan was a mere prince studying in the United States, he became such a flaming fan of Star Trek he even managed to score a part as an extra on Star Trek Voyager.  As king, he took it a step further by investing $1.5 billion and 183 acres in the city of Aqaba to develop a theme park. So with all Abdullah’s hard work plus the commitment of CBS and Paramount, this looks promising indeed. (For instance, The National reports that the Space-Flight Adventure ride will be created under license from CBS Consumer Products.)

The resort will include luxury hotels, Klingon restaurants, theaters, rides, and a strong element of Jordanian history and culture as “a crossroads of civilisations,” per a spokesman.
The catch, of course, is getting there. But if you do, you might find some things from other notable movies, like Petra, featured as the Canyon of the Crescent Moon in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

So where did the future king appear on Star Trek? As an unnamed, uncredited sciences ensign in a corridor aboard the U.S.S. Voyager.  He’s barely glimpsed talking with fellow ensign Harry Kim, who is abruptly pulled away by Neelix.  That was in 1996 in Voyager’s second season, Episode VOY 135, “Investigations.” Here’s the video clip. Don’t blink.
Abdullah’s father King Hussein died in 1999. Ascending the throne at age 37, he was no longer able to indulge his fandom so directly. But he is now in a unique position to indulge the fantasies of fellow Trekkies everywhere. If we can get there.

Here’s to peace in the Middle East, folks.

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