Friday, June 28, 2013

Things you never knew about Superman

(“Seriously? She’s going to blog about a comic book hero?”)

Not exactly. Before Christopher Reeve, I never followed Superman at all. But then Husband called my attention to this cool article in…wait for it…AARP magazine, the June/July 2013 issue. Just arrived. It’s an uncredited piece entitled Five Things You Never Knew about Superman.
Check it out:

1.      He has a social security number. Makes sense. He’d have to have one to work at The Daily Planet, after all. The number, 092-09-6616, was revealed in a 1966 Action Comics issue. The SSN actually belonged to New Yorker Giobatta Baiocchi, who had died a year earlier.  His relatives are still puzzling over this bizarre identity theft.

2.      He doesn’t just fight fictional villains. In 1940, Look magazine commissioned a story in which Superman hauls Hitler and Stalin through the air to a war crimes tribunal in Geneva. In a 1946 radio show he battled the KKK. Then in 1978 he boxed with Muhammad Ali, but that must’ve been as Clark Kent. He lost.

3.      He failed his Army physical during WWII. Wha-a-a-t? Seems that due to his x-ray vision, he read the eye chart in the next room by mistake.

4.      He’s (probably) Jewish. His creators, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, dropped plenty of clues. Kal-El, his name on Krypton, is Hebrew for “vessel of God.” And, like Moses, he was launched to safety by his parents where he was adopted by gentiles. Cool, huh? Straight out of Exodus.

5.      Superman’s middle name is Joseph. That revelation came in 1997. No, that’s Clark Joseph Kent. Not Super Joseph Man. C’mon, people!


~ Steff said...

Did you know that the town he comes from petitioned to officially be called Smallville Kansas one day a year? =)

Mary Fagan said...

Whoa! Sorry I'm just now finding this! No, I didn't know about the "Smallville" petition. Did it succeed?