Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nine Lives by Frank Say

The first novel in The Lake Pontchartrain Mysteries packs a wallop
Maybe it’s because Mr. Say is such a master of imagery. Maybe it’s because the story is so well paced. And maybe it’s because of the compelling call to faith in the presence of evil. Whatever it is, you won’t know what you’re being pulled into until you’re in too deep to stop.

Sam and Crystal brave a stormy evening for a night out, an occasion all too rare in their five years of marriage. Back home with long-time housekeeper/nanny Margarite, 3 1/2 -year-old Christian pauses his play the moment tragedy strikes on a downtown interchange.

Although Sam emerges from the pile-up virtually unscathed, Crystal is killed. It’s in the aftermath of grief, nightmares and strange voices that ominous signs of the occult begin to creep in. At the suggestion of Margarite, Sam takes the extreme measure of seeking palm readers in New Orleans. There he finds both solace and mystery – and a danger that sends him fleeing for home. Fear lessens as normalcy returns. But it seems the menace has followed him.
And there’s more bad news. Frank Say’s website is the only way to get his book, and only the e-versions seem to be available. This is most unfortunate, considering Frank is among the "50 Great Writers You Should be Reading,” a list released and published in 2010 by The Authors Show.

When I contacted him, Frank did say he had a limited stash of hardcopies available. You can reach him on the “News” tab of his website, One way or another, I do hope you’re able to secure a copy of Nine Lives. And let’s hope that someday soon, in the hands of a proper publisher who will do it justice, this book will be readily available on the shelf and through Amazon. Meanwhile, play his book trailer. It’s the best I’ve seen in a long time!
Frank Say
In addition to the series The Lake Pontchartrain Mysteries, Frank is working on a master’s degree in addiction counseling at Capella University.  Currently he resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and cat.

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