Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pumpkin Daze

It’s no secret that I like all things pumpkin.  Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin scones, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin everything. The produce manager at Kroger’s has warned me to stop hugging pumpkins. My daughter even has a notarized document forbidding me from calling her Pumpkin. But this year I’ve been inundated by recipes and website links from assorted Facebook friends.
Jennie Cunningham, my folks’ former caregiver, posted this link and pic for pumpkin scones: .  Soooo good!

 Then my New Zealand friend, Glenis Thomas, who’s more famous for her blueberry cookbook, came up with  25 Outstanding Pumpkin Recipes that’s propelled me to the heights of pumpkin ecstasy. Obviously I can’t and won’t try them all, but what a treasure trove! Should hold me for years.

This brings me to my other most favorite passion: coffee. It’s infuriating that Maxwell House discontinued their fabulous Pumpkin Spice International Coffee two years ago. Millstone and Dunkin Donuts puts theirs “in stores only,” only they’re not in any stores around here! I’ll look around at some higher end grocers, then probably break down and pay a hefty price to order it online from Gevalia. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to route my errands past a Starbucks.
This blog was interrupted by a trip to H.E.B., a local Texas grocer with an extensive coffee aisle. As I browsed, a guy stocking the shelves offered assistance. Pumpkin Spice? Hmmm. He rummaged through several boxes and triumphantly emerged with a bag of Lola Savannah ( Pumpkin Spice coffee beans. Never heard of the brand, but who cares. I’m desperate. I used the store’s grinder, and the aroma accompanying the resulting granules back into the bag was immensely satisfying.

As I type, my coffee maker is going into its concluding asthma attack and the house is filled with fragrant promise. I plan to enjoy a cup with the last two slices of pumpkin roll; recipe courtesy of my daughter-in-law’s grandma. My friends, I’m in pumpkin heaven!

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