Friday, June 29, 2012

Wizard 101

What the heck is Grandma doing here??

 The email popped up in a corner of my screen: What is your player's name on Wizard101 and what time do you get on?

(Huh? Uh…) I'm not playing. I just got on the site to buy the membership for your birthday. (My 13-year-old granddaughter actually thought I’d PLAY? Yikes!)
Well, I have 3 wizards: (and she names them, plus the level each is on.)

Wow! What great names! I am exploring the site right now, but I'm afraid games like this have never been my "thing"!

Well, Mommy doesn't play the game, but I showed her a few spells and she likes it.

No kidding. Mommy used to kick butt playing her dad and brother on Dungeons & Dragons, Utopia, Zelda, etc. back in the day. Me? Completely pathetic. Couldn’t even venture an inch from base without GAME OVER blasting across the screen.

Well, I think you'll love the game!

We'll see. Downloading now. (I can’t believe I’m doing this. Thank goodness! The dryer buzzer.)

 Are you fixing to play it?

Not now - dryer just quit so gotta fold laundry. seems to be stuck.  Well, I'll just have to get back to it. Sigh.
I’m back. Closed out and re-entered. Looks like it’s doing something this time.

Awesome! (Animated smiley)
I’m in. Ambrose, the headmaster of Ravenwood, is taking my measure. Whoa! I have flowing turquoise hair! Oh, no! I’m supposed to fight something! I was instructed to draw a card and then click on a monster. I’m clicking like crazy - don’t seem to have any control. Am I supposed to move forward while I click on the monster??

But when I try to move forward the room spins around!

It gets easier when you know what you’re doing.
So when’s THAT going to be? Help! I don’t know what the heck I’m doing!! Stuff’s happening all over the place! Why aren’t I dead? How do I get outa here?

Do you want me to meet you in the Commons?
You can do that? Uh, too late now. Already hit ESC.
Well, let me know when you get back on.
(Get back on? Seriously?) Sure, Sweetie…

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