Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aunt Vivian’s 103rd Birthday Party – You won’t believe how good she looks!

After she broke her hip last winter, we were afraid that would be it – she would rapidly deteriorate and die. But once again she has proven that you never, never, never count out Vivian Smith. True, she was a long time recovering, but after just 3 weeks of physical therapy she’s back up on her walker.

About 14 of us showed up at the seaside restaurant in Galveston to celebrate. The wait staff couldn’t resist pointing her out to other patrons. The whole place was buzzing about her.
By the time we repaired to her assisted living home for cake and ice cream, I figured she’d just want to lie down. But she remained her usual sunny self and even managed to blow out her candles. (No, there weren’t 103 of them. That would’ve burned down the house. We’re talking only three, as in 1-0-3.)

With a long history of good deeds and community activism in her native Mathis, Texas, there’s no more amazing woman in the world. I personally attribute her longevity to DNA (her mom made it to 101), her gracious and gregarious disposition, and almost total lack of meds. Yep. Only occasional pills for an infection or something, but NO maintenance meds. I want to grow up to be just like her!

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