Thursday, June 2, 2011

Introducing fellow author: JAHNAVI FOSTER

The breathtaking photo above is the natural habitat of Jahnavi Foster. She snapped it from the porch of Quiet Mountain Sanctuary, her B&B in the Catskills. It’s the view she wakes up to every day. Yes, see me drooling into my coffee…

Despite her beauty and persistent inner calm, I would never have taken her for an Eastern mystic – not at first meeting. Jahnavi (pronounced JON-ah-vee) is a warm, animated, fun-loving person, very much alive in the physical realm. I was immediately drawn to her. Bit by bit I learned of her many accomplishments.

From her website, : “Jahnavi Foster has been a serious student and practitioner of Eastern Vedic Philosophy for over 24 years. Twelve years of that she lived in an ashram (in India). Her advanced training in traditional yoga led to certifications in the Hatha, Jnana, and Bhakti Yoga practices.”

She is, additionally, a certified empowerment coach, frequent speaker and a licensed massage therapist. Vegetarian cooking and nutrition classes are among the activities guests at her mountaintop retreat may choose.

High time I mentioned her book: Divine Love – An Interview with God…The Source of Attraction. Divine Love is a guided journey toward spiritual awakening. Easy-to-read dialog helps the seeker to connect easily to the “divine wisdom within you – and to the loving relationships that exist among us all.” It is slated for release November of 2011.

It is, as Quiet Mountain Sanctuary is, “aimed to inspire individuals to live a more balanced, fulfilled, and meaningful life.”

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